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Registration is now OPEN for Baseball & Softball. It will close March 19th.

To register your teams you must send an E-Mail to Bill Tees at

Once he receives your e-mail he will send you the registration form to fill out with your team information send it back in the same E-Mail.

This is the ONLY way to register your teams.

Any Questions please feel free to contact us. Registration will END MARCH 19TH NO LATER



Coaches Meeting

Payment Night for clubs
is March 21st & March 22nd
at Holy Terrors 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Tues, March 21st at Holy Terrors
7/8 & 9/10 Boys - 6:00 to 7:00 pm
7/8 & 9/10 Girls - 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Wed. March 22nd at Holy Terrors
11/12 & 13/14 Boys 6:00 to 7:00 pm
11/12 & 13/14 Girls 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Thurs. March 23rd at Holy Terrors
15/16 & 17/18 Boys 6:00 to 7:00 pm
15/18 Girls 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Sunday April 2nd at Holy Terrors
7/8 & 9/10 Boys 12:00 to 1:30 pm
7/8 & 9/10 Girls 1:45 to 3:15 pm

Tues. April 4th at Holy Terrors
11/12 & 13/14 Boys 6:00 to 7:00 pm
11/12 & 13/14 Girls 7:30 to 8 :30 pm

Wed. April 5th at Holy Terrors
15/16 & 17/18 Boys 6:00 to 7:00 pm
15/18 Girls 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Payment Night for clubs is
March 21st & March 22nd
at Holy Terrors 6:30 to 8:00 pm.


NEW President of the Northeast Peanut League

Ladies and Gentleman, Coaches, Parents and Players
My name is Bob Newman and I have been Elected President of the Northeast Peanut League for the 2017 season, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has giving me the knowledge to step into this position . Lastly I would like to take this time to express the Love and gratitude I have for these Men who not only were very influential in me stepping up but are also two Great Friends. Thank You Mr. Frank Connelly and Mr. Bill Tees

Moving forward I would like to introduce the 2017 Executive Board Members , Bob Gaczhias (Sports Director) John Cepparulo (1st Vice President) Ed Cornell Jr ( 2nd Vice President ) Frank Spatacco (Treasure)and Kim Robinson ( Secretary) .

Jerry Lukach, who is our Director of Basketball and has built one of the best programs in the city, has already started putting the season together.

Along with all of our NEPL Board Member and Members we are very excited to get this program underway.

Come Join Us ……..
Bob Newman
President NEPL.


Northeast Peanut League up to the minute information!

News for the Commissioner

A Brief History Of the North East Peanut League.

The initial goal was simple: To make the playing field just a bit leveler for the average child just starting sports and learning the games and to teach the game, sportsmanship and pride of participation. They never intended to cut into anyone’s turf. The y never envisioned that they would be a premier player in the Philadelphia youth sports scene and they never went into the venture thinking to eliminate a league of any kind. They were merely looking to make things better for the average athlete at a couple of youth organizations in the lower northeast section of Philadelphia and to teach kids the sport while just letting them have fun. The history of the Northeast Peanut League can be compared to a snowball rolling down the hill and as it gains momentum it grew increasing larger as it picked up member clubs along the way.







In accordance with the NEPL "paperless policy" All Baseball Schedules will be Online only. All files, when available, will be posted HERE.

Schedule Changes Each Year league is besieged with requests to move games. To reschedule a game you MUST HAVE LEAGUE APPROVAL. While we try to accomodate due to school/religious functions, a conflict with another league or sport is not an acceptable reason to switch a game. While the league wants these games played there is the issue of referee scheduling. The league will not grant ANY SCHEDULE CHANGE WHICH IS NOT PRESENTED AT LEAST 72 HOURS BEFORE ITS SCHEDULED START. Less than 72 hours prior to a game will come under the Leagues Play or Forfeit rule. Coaches please question your players and get their parents input on whether there are scheduling conflicts. Also, coaches, your appearance at a game IS NOT A REASON TO RESCHEDULE. There should be assistants coaches with ID cards who can fill in in your absence.


Important All Star News!

THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON that a players name is OMITTED from the program because a coach failed to supply the information prior to the printing deadline. Imagine if a player's parent, grandparent or other family member attending received a program and when looking in it saw the following: XYZ Youth Organization: NO NAMES SUBMITTED. These players deserve to be recognized. Please make sure you hand in you Selection to your Division Director and have the correct spelling. Thank you.



The Northeast Peanut League's philosophy of teaching sportsmanship, fundamentals of the sport, and citizenship has not changed since its inception in 1980. The Board of Directors mandates that all children playing sports within the Northeast Peanut League will participate in every game during the entire season. The Northeast Peanut League is an instructional league, which believes in fairness, having fun, and learning without a "must win at all costs" attitude. The Northeast Peanut League's Board Members put in a lot of time and energy to formulate and evaluate the programs. The members believe it is worth every minute to watch the kids play, learn, socialize, and have fun without stress or abuse



  • Basketball will return Fall 2017

  • Check back fall 2017 for updates.

  • Can't wait to hear some

  • SEE YOU NEXT fall


Umpire / Referee

NEPL Umpire / Referee page

Northeast Peanut League Umpire / Referee page is developed for current and or aspiring umpires and referee. It contains forms, information and tips or improving your mechanics and improving the all around ability of and umpire / referee thereby making the game not only enjoyable for the players but the fans, coaches and most of all the umpire / referee!


Umpires needed!

Each Year the Northeast Peanut League is in need of umpires for baseball. Knowledge of the game and a desire to learn and grow in the position are essential. Training is provided and it a great opportunity to earn a little bit of extra cash while working with some great people in an outdoor environment.

Interested in Umpiring this season?

Click the links to the PDF forms and infomation guides and see if you have what it takes.

>> Scavenger Hunt <<

Currently a Senior player or coach in the NEPL? This guide offers some basic questions about specific NEPL rules. See just what you know.

>> Umpire Mechanics <<

This document is useful for both baseball and softball umpires in showing efficiency and reducing fatigue and improving your all around abilities.

>> Rules and Answers <<

For Softball umpires. Here's the test to see what you really know about the NEPL game. After completing Check out how well you did.

>> ASA for Dummies <<

This Guide is for Softball Umpires and explains how to read, follow and understand the ASA Softball Rules Book.


Umpire / Referee Professional Appearance

Northeast Peanut League Umpires should present a clean, professional appearance which is neat, in uniform, properly equipped and prepared to go on time. Your appearance is many times judged by fans, players and coaches alike. Worn and faded garb, improper equipment, missing tools of the trade or arriving late can lead to a feeling from the coaches that you do not care about your performance and that you are there merely for the money. Whereas a properly attired and prepared umpire will likely gain more respect from fans, players and coaches.


Field and Gym Locations:


We would love to hear from you

If you have any questions or need to report an Incident please contact us with the email link below.

email us at

For Referee / UMPIRE Incident Report

Please supply the following information and we will address your issues in a timely fashion

1.Your name - 2. Your email - 3.What sport(s) is this for? - 4. Forfeit or Incident - 5. Who was the offending team? - 6. What is the age group?
7. If a forfeit for insufficient players was necessary, Please select the amount of players present at game time.
8. When did this happen? Date of Forfeit/Incident. - 9. Where did this happen? Location of Forfeit/Incident. - 10. Reason for forfeit?
11. Describe in detail what occurred,events leading up to the incident,were Achohol/Drugs or weapons involved?
time of the game, player(s), numbers, if a parent or fan name if possible, situation and any other pertinent information.
Were you or did you feel threatened? Please calm down and take your time filling out this answer and add as much detail as possible.
12. What action did you take? Ejection supply name/player numbers, Forfeit?
Reported to Commissioner/director please supply their names if possible.
Did you complete the game etc. Do you think this team needs special watching?




Northeast Peanut League up to the minute information!

News for the Commissioner


To get the latest up to date information about the NEPL, it's games and It's people

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