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NEW NEPL President

Ladies and Gentleman, Coaches, Parents and Players
My name is Bob Newman and I have been Elected President of the Northeast Peanut League for the 2017 season, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has giving me the knowledge to step into this position . Lastly I would like to take this time to express the Love and gratitude I have for these Men who not only were very influential in me stepping up but are also two Great Friends. Thank You Mr. Frank Connelly and Mr. Bill Tees

Moving forward I would like to introduce the 2017 Executive Board Members , Bob Gaczhias (Sports Director) John Cepparulo (1st Vice President) Ed Cornell Jr ( 2nd Vice President ) Frank Spatacco (Treasure)and Kim Robinson ( Secretary) .

Jerry Lukach, who is our Director of Basketball and has built one of the best programs in the city, has already started putting the season together.

Along with all of our NEPL Board Member and Members we are very excited to get this program underway.

Come Join Us ……..
Bob Newman
President NEPL.

2016/2017 Basketball Season

Coming Soon! Please check facebook for the latest updates.