Mission Statement: The Northeast Peanut League's philosophy of teaching sportsmanship, fundamentals of the sport, and citizenship has not changed since its inception in 1980. The Board of Directors mandates that all children playing sports within the Northeast Peanut League will participate in every game during the entire season. The Northeast Peanut League is an instructional league, which believes in fairness, having fun, and learning without a "must win at all costs" attitude.

The Northeast Peanut League's Board Members put in a lot of time and energy to formulate and evaluate the programs. The members believe it is worth every minute to watch the kids play, learn, socialize, and have fun without stress or abuse

GENERAL CONDUCT (All Participants)

Good conduct by Players, Coaches and SPECTATORS is mandatory at all times on and around the field of play. If any coach, player or spectator becomes abusive or unruly, the umpire will first issue a warning to the HEAD COACH. If the inappropriate behavior continues, both the HEAD COACH and OFFENDING PARTY WILL BE EJECTED and must leave the field of play immediately. If abusive behavior continues or offending parties do not leave the field of play, the umpire at this point has the right to terminate the game and award a forfeit to the offending team. This will be strictly enforced. If anyone causes a severe problem that requires involvement with the Philadelphia Police, the NEPL reserves the right to prosecute those individuals

Umpire will request to see the ID Card for any player/coach ejected from the game. In the case of a parent being ejected, the umpire will request to see the player's card for a last name for his/her report. Failure by the head coach to produce the player’s card at the umpire's request will result in ejection of the head coach and forfeiture of the game. ID Cards must be made available to the umpire at all times during the game.

Any players involved in fighting will result in an automatic ejection from the game and an immediate suspension from league play. Length of said suspension to be determined by the NEPL Board of Directors: suspension may be up to and including suspension for the remainder of the season. A second incident involving the same player will result in that player’s automatic suspension for the remainder of the season.

Please Note: Any Coach, Player and/or Spectator that has PHYSICAL CONTACT or


result in immediate ejection from the game and indefinite suspension pending review by the NEPL Board of Directors and could lead to a permanent ban from coaching/playing in the NEPL in any sport.

The N.E.P.L. has been, presently is, and will always be concerned about the lack of discipline and negative conduct at the League's sporting events. The League will hold the representative(s) of the respective youth organizations responsible for ensuring that all coaches, players, and spectators abide by the NEPL's Code of Conduct policy. Forfeiture of the game, suspension of a team member, suspension of the entire team for the season, and suspension of the team’s organization from future participation in the League's sporting events are all possibilities which will be considered by League Officials. We ask that everyone (coaches, assistant coaches, player and officials) remember to set the standard for our spectators for what is acceptable conduct at NEPL sporting events. It is everyone's responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that is in accordance with the NEPL's Code of Conduct. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.


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